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Business Owners and Management

Putting Your Business in the Right Hands

Selling your company is a very difficult decision and finding the right buyer who will provide the right home for your Business is key.  A buyer who will protect your name and reputation and work to safeguard the future livelihood of your employees and customers.  StoneCalibre understands the importance of these considerations and will be a strong corporate steward to build upon the foundation that you have worked so hard to create over the years. 

Structuring the Right Transaction

In any transaction it is important for the sale to appear seamless from a customer, vendor and employee point of view.  This can be even more important in the context of acquiring a business from an entrepreneurial owner whose personal brand equity has been so closely aligned with the business over time.  StoneCalibre works with Business Owners to structure the right transaction to ensure business continuity going forward while simultaneously striving to meet the Business Owner’s transactional objectives.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Whether your Business is a leader in its market segment or still working its way up the competitive ladder, StoneCalibre will work with the management team to grow the Business both organically and by way of acquisition.  Leveraging its extensive industry relationships, StoneCalibre will drive the right strategic acquisition opportunities in an effort to foster both continued earnings growth and to strengthen the market value proposition of your Business vis-à-vis the competition.  

Ability to Hold Investments for the Long-Term

Many investment firms have a need to buy and flip businesses within a relatively short time frame in order to meet the expectations of their investors. Given StoneCalibre’s private funding status, it does not have any pre-defined exit requirements thus providing it the flexibility to hold investments for the long-term while only selling when it makes sense to do so.

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