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Corporate Sellers

Protect Your Brand Equity

In consummating a transaction with a Corporate Seller, StoneCalibre understands the importance for both the sale process and the transition to new ownership to be conducted in an appropriate manner such that the brand equity of the Corporate Seller remains intact.

Speed and Certainty

StoneCalibre will organize itself to meet the transaction timing considerations of the Corporate Seller.  Whether it is to meet a fiscal period deadline, a government imposed sale process or any other timing consideration, StoneCalibre is adept at prioritizing its resources to deliver a transaction at the desired time and place.

Complex Carve-outs

From acquiring just a product line and having to build infrastructure around it to extracting a deeply entrenched division or subsidiary via a complex transition services agreement, StoneCalibre works with sellers to overcome obstacles and meet their transactional objectives.

Flexible and Creative

Every transaction is different.  There are many complexities that arise whether it relates to the structure of the transaction, the assets and liabilities that are being conveyed, sensitivities around certain customers or vendors and employee considerations.  StoneCalibre is flexible and creative in its transaction approach in order to work with sellers to navigate the most challenging situations. 


Beyond working together to consummate a transaction, in certain situations, an ongoing partnership could be an important factor for a Corporate Seller in the context of the overall transaction.  Whether it is a distribution, supply or service relationship the ability to partner and to foster a strong post closing relationship is a welcomed transaction consideration for StoneCalibre.

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