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Industry: Business Services

Los Angeles, CA, (June 10, 2013) – StoneCalibre announced today that it has acquired the Charlotte, North Carolina-based Source Technologies from Liberty Partners. Source Technologies is a leading provider of advanced Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ("MICR") laser printers, consumables, maintenance, software, and accessories primarily to the banking industry.

Since its founding in 1986, Source Technologies has been one of the few vendors with the expertise and experience to provide high-quality MICR products that are able to... Read More

A Private Investment Company Focused On Lower Middle Market Investments

Los Angeles, CA, (September 17, 2012) – Brian M. Wall today announced the launch of StoneCalibre, LLC. StoneCalibre is a private investment company focused on making investments in both special situations and quality long-term capital opportunities.  

“I felt there was an opportunity to bring an investment strategy to the lower middle market that was not focused on buying and selling but rather centered on building a long-term portfolio of... Read More


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