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StoneCalibre Affiliate Acquires In-Vitro Diagnostics Products Provider Alpha-Tec Systems

Industry: Life Sciences

Los Angeles, CA (July 19, 2017) – StoneCalibre is pleased to announce that one of its affiliates has completed the acquisition of Alpha-Tec Systems, Inc., a Vancouver, WA based provider of in-vitro diagnostic products utilized by clinical laboratories in the disciplines of mycobacteriology, parasitology, bacteriology and mycology. 

“We are pleased to welcome Alpha-Tec to the StoneCalibre family,” said Brian Wall, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of StoneCalibre. “Alpha-Tec has maintained a first-class reputation in the mycobacteriology space for over 35 years. We are excited to partner with a Company that enables the global medical community to accurately diagnose and timely treat infectious diseases, such as latent tuberculosis, to help elevate the quality of human life.”

 Founded in 1979, Alpha-Tec is the leading provider of proprietary digestion, decontamination, neutralization and other sample preparation products for mycobacteria diagnostics that improve laboratory test results and are compatible with a variety of downstream testing methodologies. Alpha-Tec is well-respected in the marketplace for its high-quality products as well as its exceptional customer service.

“Alpha-Tec serves a valuable customer base that includes the top hospital, reference and public health laboratories across the United States and abroad,” said Usman Shakeel, Vice President of StoneCalibre. “We see actionable opportunities for the Company to grow organically and via add-on acquisitions to better serve the clinical lab space.”

“Alpha-Tec has a proud history of being a family-run business and as we move toward the next phase in the Company’s evolution, it is important for us to partner with someone who understands our history and shares in our vision for Alpha-Tec’s future,” said Chris Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha-Tec. “We are very excited to partner with StoneCalibre and its affiliates in the life sciences industry based on their knowledge of the space, operational resources and geographic reach which will contribute toward accelerating Alpha-Tec’s growth going forward and advance our broader mission of improving patient care through diagnostics.”

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